LightAct Custom Time Step

Setting up Custom Time Step allows LightAct to control Unreal's render cycle.

Good to know: Custom Timestep feature in Unreal is closely related to (and mostly used for) Genlocking. We use these terms interchangeably.

To do that, create a new Blueprint Class Asset.

In the Pick Parent Class window that appears, type in LightAct in the search box and then select LightActTimeStep.

Name the new asset any way you want, but remember the name, as you'll need it soon.

Enabling LightAct Time Step

In the Project Settings window, type in LightAct in the search box and then in the Custom TimeStep dropdown, select the actor you created in the previous step.

Monitoring Genlock

You can view the presence of a genlock signal (Custom Timestep) if you open Genlock window.

You can do that by going to Window -> Developer Tools -> Genlock.

You can also use stat fps and stat unit console commands for some additional information.

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