In LightAct we can also work with single image files and in this guide, we will walk through the basic steps.

Good to know: LightAct supports jpg, png & tif image formats.

Importing an Image Asset

First, we import an image into the Assets window. Supported files are .jpg, .png and .tiff.

Using a layer template

We can use an Image layer template by right-clicking on the timeline and choosing it from a popup menu.

Good to know: We can also create an Image Layer with shortcut I and left-clicking on the timeline.

Modifying a Blank Layer

Alternatively, we can make a connection ourselves. First, we need to create an empty layer by double-clicking on a timeline or access it from a popup menu.

Then, we double-click on the created layer to open its layout.

We can drag an image from the timeline into the Layout, which automatically connects it to the Get Texture node, which is the main node for showing image files.

We connect Get Texture node to Render to Canvas node and that to Tick node, now we can see a live preview of our image.

Then we connect the Tick node to Render to canvas node and we use the output or (result) on our Get texture node to connect it to the Texture input on the Render to Canvas node.

Now we can see a preview of our image.

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