Organize the 3D Scene

Grouping/ joining objects

Group objects that have a logical relationship between them. To do that, select every part of the object and join them together by pressing Ctrl + J.

Later on, you will need to rename newly created groups in your scene collection.

Good to know: It is a good practice to combine meshes which will have the same content source in LightAct.

Simplify & Clean Meshes

Messy topology can make the process of UV unwrapping and editing much harder. To clean up a mesh use, clean-up tools, which can help you to clean up degenerate geometry and fill in missing areas of a mesh or manually dissolve vertices, faces, or edges.

Apply Scale and Rotation

This step is important to make modeling tools and modifiers behave as intended. To do that in Blender, make sure you are in Object mode, select your object, hit Ctrl + A, and select Rotation & Scale

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