Multiple GPUs

This guide is only applicable to reActor servers and should not be read as a general guide about multi-GPU systems.

The main goal of a multiple GPU setup in LightAct is to gain more video outputs from a single server and/or to gain more rendering power. Even though LightAct does not offer a native select GPU feature, you can still take advantage of a multiple GPU setup.

A typical multiple GPU reActor configuration consists of:

  • 1 x GPU for GUI output.

  • 2 x GPU for Video Outputs.

Good to know: Depending on the reActor server, an NVIDIA NVLink connecting the 2 Video Output GPUs may also be included.

In this kind of setup, the first GPU acts as a GUI Extension Module. The other two GPUs are dedicated for outputting content. These GPUs are usually much more powerful and are meant to carry most of the work. By design, this setup does not take full advantage of all GPUs. To achieve this desired behavior, we will have to go through a some additional steps.

Before starting, we recommend you Export and Load EDIDs for all of your connected display devices.

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