Connect to Secondary Machines

Click Connect all to connect with all Secondary machines in your cluster.

If you want to connect with specific Secondary machines only, you can also just click Connect on each one individually.

If you see a Waiting for connection message for more than a minute on a specific machine, it usually means the connection has been interrupted. To re-establish it, you need to click on the Cancel button and click Scan network again.

Good to know: Once you have established a connection with the Secondary machines, all edits from the Primary machine will be visible in real-time on the Secondary machines.

Good to know: In LightAct, multi-server and multi-user features overlap. Once you establish a connection with the Secondary machines, each machine in the cluster will act as a different user. Multiple users can edit the project simultaneously, which means that any change on any machine will be visible on all other machines.

Now that we have successfully connected to our Secondary machines, we can proceed with transferring the project and its assets.

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