Asking for support

How to ask for support so that we can quickly help you

If you come across any issues, we would greatly appreciate hearing from you! However, in order to ensure that your report is useful to our development team, there are certain key pieces of information that should be included.

The best method for reporting a bug is to send an email to, providing a brief description of the issue and attaching any relevant files (as outlined below).

How to write a bug report

Good to know: the main goal of a bug report is for our development team to be able to reproduce the issue on our systems.

Once we are able to do that, we can usually fix the issue much faster.

  • Attach LightAct project file (it has .la file extension) and the log file. If the issue is related to a certain asset, please send over that asset as well, if you can.

  • Reproduction steps (a written description on how to reproduce the bug) — if we can’t reproduce it on our systems, we can’t track down the bug.

  • The result: here you describe the unexpected behaviour. Sometimes it also helps to describe how you thought the software (or hardware) should work so that we can understand better the expected vs the unexpected behaviour.

  • Attach as much additional information as you can. Particularly useful are:

    • screenshots,

    • screen recordings,

    • photos or videos of the issue on the outputs (projections, screens or similar)

Before you report an issue

The most important things to check before you report an issue:

  • Make sure you’re running the latest version of LightAct,

  • Check the Answerhub or manual to see if you’re looking at something that has a common fix

  • Gather the information needed and

  • Write reproduction steps

What are reproduction steps?

Reproduction steps is a clear as-short-as-possible description of steps we should take in order to reproduce the issue on our end. We realize that sometimes it might be hard for you to send that over, but believe us when we say this is the fastest way to get the fix for your issue.

An example of a good report

Below you will find a good bug report that would allow us to act on it immediately.


There is a black border around the mapped sub-areas in video outputs.

Reproduction steps

  1. Create a sub area in a canvas in Canvas setup window,

  2. map it to a video screen of the same resolution and

  3. output it through a video output.

The result

The sub-areas on the actual outputs have a black border around them.

Additional information

For such a bug report, what would be the most useful is:

  • a .la project file,

  • log file,

  • screenshot or screenrecording showing where you are making the changes in the software,

  • photo or video of the displays showing the unexpected result

Good to know: writing a conscise bug reports similar to the one above is the best way for you to get a helpful reply the most quickly.

Help us help you.

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