VRAM Improvements

This chapter is only significant to you if you are outputting content to a Video Screen, Canvas or in the Video Output window.

High Video RAM numbers might contribute to bad performance. If the VRAM indicator on the top left corner is red and nearing 100%, then it is safe to assume that this might be your bottleneck.

FBO Downsampling

Go to Project Settings and in the LightNet tab, you will see a property called FBO Downsampling. This value indicates a scaling down factor for textures that are being outputted on other machines in the cluster.

For example, in the image shown below, Canvas 0 is ran on Machine 1, which is why the texture is being rendered in full quality. Canvas 1, is not ran on Machine 1, which is why the rendering quality of the texture is lower, as determined by our FBO Downsampling value.

To sum up, choosing a lower down-sampling value will result to lower rendering quality of the texture, as seen from machines that are not outputting that texture. A lower down-sampling value will also likely reduce VRAM number on those machines and lead to better performance results.

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