So far, we have only created an EDID file. We now need to tell our machine to use it as the main source of information regarding the capabilities of our display.

In the Load tab of Manage EDID Window, click on Browse button to select the file containing the EDID information that you would like to apply.

Now, select the compatible Display Connector and choose the correct Video Signal. In our case, that is DisplayPort(Digital). Finally click on Load EDID button.

Please be careful not to Load the wrong EDID file to a display. This could lead to some serious issues and it might cause your display or GPU to malfunction. If there are any incompatibilities between the EDID file and the EDID data your display is sending, you will get warning messages in the Comments section.

Good to know: during this process you might experience your displays flashing.

Upon successfully loading the EDID file, a pop up window will appear confirming so.

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