Canvas mapping

Canvas Setup Window

We already learned how to create a canvas, now let's talk about the Canvas Setup window and how to map canvases to a virtual object.

Double click on a Canvas to open Canvas Setup window.

On the left side under Canvases, we can see our existing canvases just like in the Canvas Preview window.

On the right, under Objects, We can see all the virtual objects we have placed in the viewport.

On the far right we can select which virtual object we want to see in the layout window. We can also disable name labels and hide the connection lines.

Basic Mapping

To map a canvas with a virtual object, simply drag from the arrow and to the desired object. Let's connect a canvas with a video screen.

To unmap it, right-click on the Canvas and select Unmap from objects

If we right-click on one of the virtual objects we can Fit it to target, Fit it to source or rotate it with the Rotate button

We can also set it's custom size by clicking and dragging one of the four handles.

Advanced Mapping

It is also possible to map sub-areas of canvas.

To create a sub-area hold shift and drag on one of the Canvases.

Then you can map it to one or several Objects by dragging from the arrow. Once the sub-area is mapped, you can move it around, scale it or rotate it.

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