Required Unreal Engine Plugins

In order for the integration to work there are a few required plugins:

LightAct Unreal Engine Plugin

LightAct's Unreal Engine Plugin takes care of the data flow between LightAct and Unreal.

As such, it is a crucial component of the entire Integration.

Please make sure to use the version of the plugin that matches the version of your Unreal Engine project.

Unreal Engine Plugins

Integration with LightAct requires some additional plugins that are provided by Epic Games. The easiest way to enable all of them in one go is to create Unreal Engine project based on nDisplay template. Hovewer, if you want to do it manually, these are the plugins that are required:

Texture Share

Texture Share plugin enables texture sharing of Unreal Engine textures.


nDisplay enables nDisplay related functionalities.


There might be other Unreal Engine plugins you'll want to enable in your project. Please refer to Unreal Engine documentation for more information.

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