Canvas Distribution

Canvases usually display content with big resolutions which can reduce the performance of the machine. This is because there is a lot of pixel information which needs to be read, drawn and displayed by each machine.

Since usually the content from one Canvas is outputted by one machine only, there is no real need for all of the machines to be rendering the Canvas content with full quality. Downsampling the Canvas content on machines that aren't outputting it, minimizes the workload on those machines.

Run on property

In the Properties window of each Canvas, you can find the Run on property.

Selecting Everywhere means that the Canvas will be rendered on all machines in the cluster with full quality.

However, if you select specific machines, only those machines will render the Canvas texture with full quality. The rest of the machines in the cluster will down-sample that Canvas' texture based on the chosen FBO Downsample value.

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