Texture Softedge node

You can access Blend feature alone through Texture Softedge node.

Drag the Texture output pin of your chosen media file and select Texture Softedge from the Search menu.

Click on Setup to open the dedicated window.

Good to know: You can also control the values of the Texture Perspective Warp node through the input pins. This is ideal in setups, where the project is controlled through DMX.


In Softedge setup window, you can add soft-edges to your texture. Similarly to Softedge feature in the Warp & Blend node, drag the handles inwards to see the effect.

By adjusting the Luminance, you can adjust the color of the soft edges. Each Luminance variable represents one RGB channel.

Good to know: By enabling the Transparent checkbox of the Texture Softedge node, the black soft edges will turn transparent.

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