Installing LightAct Plugin

Once you've downloaded LightAct plugin, you'll see that it consists of the following folders and files:

There are 2 ways of installing any plugin in Unreal Engine: in the engine or in the project.

Please make sure to use the version of the plugin that matches the version of your Unreal Engine project.

To install it in the Engine, you should put the entire LightAct folder into UEEngineVersion\Engine\Plugins folder.

Good to know: if you install it in the Engine, the plugin is going to be available (but not automatically enabled) in every Unreal Engine project you create with this Unreal Engine version. If you install it in the project, however, it's going to be available only in this project.

To install it in the project, however, you should create a new folder called Plugins in the Content folder of your Unreal Engine project and copy the LightAct folder into it.

Enabling the plugin

To enable the Plugin, click on the Settings icon and then on Plugins. This will open the Plugins window.

LightAct plugin is going to appear in the Installed section:

Make sure you check the Enabled checkbox after which you'll have to restart Unreal Editor.

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