FLEX Management

By default, LightAct's reActor servers use Deltacast's FLEX technology, which provides video capture and playout capabilities. The FLEX solution ensures high-quality video processing with low-latency performance, resulting in a reliable and robust user experience.

Deltacast Gateway Card

The reActor servers are equipped with a PCI Express gateway card which enables connectivity to video I/O modules via its ports.

Good to know: You should be able to see the Deltacast gateway card in the Device Manager, by expanding the Deltacast section, under the name DELTA-gwy.

FLEX Modules

A FLEX module is an independent device, responsible for managing one or multiple video channels. A single FLEX module can connect to a single port of the Deltacast gateway card using a FLEX cable.

Good to know: As of right now, Deltacast offers solutions for DisplayPort, HDMI and SDI. All of these options are available for video input and output in LightAct.

Deltacast Board

In LightAct, a Deltacast module is called a Deltacast board. LightAct will detect a Deltacast board once you have connected at least one FLEX module to a Deltacast gateway card port.

The reActor servers must be off when you add, remove or replace FLEX modules. In the opposite case, you are likely to experience malperformances.

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