LightSync is LightAct's technology for frame-accurate syncing of all Secondary machines in a LightNet cluster to the Primary.

Setting up LightSync

In order for LightSync to work, a LightNet Cluster needs to be set up. Make sure that all the Secondary machines in the LightNet Cluster have already been connected to the Primary. LightAct will let you sync all real-time changes of the Primary with the Secondary machines.

To start working with LightSync, a few steps need to be carried out:

  1. Enable LightNet on all machines,

  2. Make sure all desired Secondary machines have an active connection with the Primary, and

  3. Begin Sync session.

After we have our LightNet cluster up and running, we can sync the machines.

Begin a sync session

To begin with the frame-accurate sync, click Begin sync in the LightNet window. This will allow for frame-by-frame actions taken on the Primary to be executed on the Secondary machines as well.

Good to know: If you would like to include more assets in your project, you would have to import the assets to the Primary machine, transfer and open project again.

To end the sync session, click on End Sync button.

If you would like to kick a specific Secondary machine out of the sync session, you can click on its dedicated Kick out button.

In this state, Secondary machines won't get the updates from the Primary machine until they form a sync session again.

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