LightAct offers 2 ways of connection with the OptiTrack server. The first type is Auto-detect where LightAct will find OptiTrack servers on the network so you can choose one of them in Discovered servers dropdown menu. The second option is to manually set the server parameters if Auto-detect is unchecked.

OptiTrack Receiver Device Node

To start receiving OptiTrack data stream insert a OptiTrack Receiver device.

On the right side, under the Stream, configurable properties for specific devices will be shown. After you configure them, check Listen checkbox inside the device node.

Read OptiTrack in Layer Layouts

To use the information read by OptiTrack Receiver node in LightAct, you need to create a Read OptiTrack node in the layouts.

Choose OptiTrack Receiver device in a Device dropdown menu, or connect Device reference node to this input, and you are ready to go.

Read Optitrack node provides Rigid body position, Rigid body orientation and Marker position.

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