Working with Mosaic as Primary display

At this point, the most challenging part is displaying the programs on your Monitoring Display. Because we have set Mosaic as our Primary Display, any program we open will automatically expand across the whole Mosaic setup. To move a given program to the Monitoring Display, select it on the taskbar.

Next, press Windows key + Shift + Left arrow or Right arrow to move it. LightAct 4 and LightAct 4 Manager also offer an alternative way of determining their location and size. These properties can manually be modified in the Registry Editor using a posX,posY;resX,resY format.

Good to know: LightAct 4 and LightAct 4 Manager will remember the location and size upon close. This means that if the monitor configuration stays unchanged, these applications will reopen on the last known location.

If you would like to reboot your system with this configuration applied, please make sure to either remove your windows login password or turn on automatic login.

Finishing up

When you are done using this setup, it is very important to safely end all active processes.

  1. Make your Monitoring Display the Primary Display.

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