Primary Display

Please make sure that all of your display devices have a scale of 100%. Additionally please turn off any Night Lights as it will affect the content on the outputs.

When you reopen NVIDIA Control Panel and go to Manage GPU Utilization, under Workstation you will notice two separate containers. One container will be dedicated to the monitoring GPU while the other one will show the two GPUs as a single logical GPU.

Due to NVIDIA specifications, the GPU connected to the primary display, will function as the primary GPU. All other GPUs will function as slaves to the primary one. Since by default our primary display is the Monitoring display, the primary GPU is consequently the monitoring GPU.

Needless to say, to take advantage of the powerful GPUs, we have to set Mosaic as our Primary Display. To do so, navigate to the Set up multiple displays page under Display in Nvidia Control Panel. Right click on the Mosaic display and select Make primary. Hit Apply button.

In the Apply Changes pop up window, make sure to choose Yes in order to keep these changes.

If the changes were applied successfully, you will notice the star icon on the top left corner of your Mosaic display. Now, the primary screen is Mosaic, and the primary GPU are both GPUs for Video Output.

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