DMX In window is a window where you can receive DMX Data. It is also possible to receive Art-Net timecode.

DMX In window can be found under Tools -> DMX In, under the DMX section.

DMX In Setup

Listed under the Nodes section of the DMX In Window, you can find 2 nodes. One of them is an Art-Net node and the other one is an sACN node.

In Configure column you can define the number of ports we will be listening to, as well as which port is mapped to which universe. These parameters can usually be adjusted in real physical devices, as well.

After you click Enabled checkbox, the receiver node will be ready to receive DMX Data.

Good to know: It is possible to receive data for both sACN and Art-Net nodes at the same time as well as the timecode value, which is available only for Art-Net protocol.

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