DMX In window is a window where you can receive DMX Data. It is also possible to receive Art-Net timecode.
Below the Nodes header you can find 2 nodes in a table. One node presents itself as an Art-Net node and the other one as an sACN node. In Configure column you can set up parameters Number of physical ports and Universe on port #. These parameters define which port is mapped to which universe.
Usually, these parameters can be adjustable in real physical devices and they determine how the universes are mapped to device's ports. In the previous chapter, we showed how this could be done in the DMX Out window in the nodes table.
After you click Read DMX, our receiver node is ready to receive DMX Data.
It is possible to receive data for both sACN and Art-Net nodes at the same time as well as the timecode value, which is available only for Art-Net protocol.