LightNet Performance

Big projects often execute a lot of of heavy actions simultaneously which can significantly reduce the overall performance across machines in the LightNet cluster.

To solve this issue, LightAct has come up with a load distribution system. The idea is for each machine to only do the workload it really needs to do. Using this principal, none of the machines are overloaded with all operations at once. Additionally, because of the performance management, there is more room for increasing project complexity.

Good to know: You can observe the current performance of your machine in LightAct by simply clicking on the VRAM indicator on the top right corner of the program.

Run on property

The Run on property is only available if LightNet is enabled.

The Run on property is made up of two sections. The first section contains the Everywhere checkbox and the second section contains separate checkboxes for each machine listed in the LightNet window.

For example, if the LightNet window contains a list of three machines,

then each feature in LightAct which has the Run on property, will have exactly those three machines listed in the second section, right below Everywhere checkbox:

Selecting Everywhere will enable the specific feature on all machines in your LightNet cluster. However, selecting specific machines, will enable the feature on those machines only. This will consequently distribute the workload from all machines, to only the chosen ones.

Good to know: Every feature that has this property has been optimized for distribution. By running features only on machines that need to execute them, we are significantly lowering the workload on the system as a whole.

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Good to know: This property follows the same logic regardless of where it has been implemented.

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