Texture Mesh Warp node

It is also possible to access just Warp feature.

Drag the Texture output pin of the node that contains your texture and choose Texture Mesh Warp node from the Search menu.

Click on the Setup button to get started.


Similar to the Warp feature in the Warp & Blend node, you can increase or reduce the number of guideline splits on the texture.

To warp, select a warping point and move it around as desired.

In this Setup window, you also have the ability to Warp the corner points.

Good to know: You can make a selection of multiple warping points and move them around together.

You can also Offset the grid as a whole and Scale it as desired. In this case, the areas which the grid does not cover can either be filled by the original texture as a background or kept blank. This property can be adjusted by toggling the Draw background checkbox.

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