Tracking Visualizer

LightAct's Tracking Visualizer is a powerful technology that combines location tracking and data visualization. It allows users to map the movements of people or objects and convert this information into captivating visual displays that respond to user interactions in real time.

Creating a Tracking Visualizer

To place a Tracking Visualizer on the Viewport, drag its dedicated icon from the toolbar menu and drop it somewhere on the Viewport.

Tracking Visualizer Properties

You can access the Tracking Visualizers' Properties by selecting it on the Viewport and opening the Properties window.

General Properties

Under the General section, you can rename or manually change the position or rotation of the Tracking Visualizer object. You can also toggle between visible/hidden and locked/unlocked.

Content Properties

Under the Content section, you can choose your desired Tracker device by clicking on it from the Tracker device dropdown menu. This menu consists of all Tracker receiver device nodes that have been placed in the Devices window.

In our case, we will choose the BlackTrax receiver as our Tracker device.

Good to know: Different technologies use various names for environment trackers. For instance, BlackTrax calls them Beacons, while Antilatency uses Tags and Markers. In LightAct, we simply refer to them as trackers, regardless of the chosen technology.

In the Source section, by clicking on the Add tracker button you can add as many Trackers as you want to visualize in the Viewport.

Under the Trackers column, type the unique Tracker names. With the Show trackers checkbox under the Rendering section enabled you will be able to visualize your tracking environment in LightAct.

Good to know: For the trackers to inherit their correct position, the Tracking device node needs to be enabled and correctly receiving data. In the opposite case, the trackers will turn red, indicating that there is some kind of an error in obtaining tracking information.

Rendering Properties

In the Rendering section, you can toggle between the visibility of different elements in your tracking environment.

In the case of BlackTrax, aside from Trackers themselves, you can choose to visualize individual LEDs by clicking on the Show LEDs checkbox or even see how they're connected by enabling Show LED connections.

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