Control by DMX

To control software-level properties with DMX, you can use Control by DMX window.

To do this, open the Control by DMX window which you can find under Tools in the Top Bar, and enable it. Here you can trigger or control:

  • Basic commands,

  • Video Output fades,

  • Timeline Play states,

  • Cue triggers and

  • Global variables.

With the Universe property, you can assign a Universe within which DMX values will control the above-mentioned properties.

In the Start channels section, the difference between two consecutive Start channels determines which Channels are reserved for each property.

By selecting the same Universe in the DMX In window, you should be able to see all the Channels that you have chosen, appear as green. If you hover over these Channels, you will see a tooltip with the property that is being controlled on that Universe and Channel.

Under the Play state channel value ranges you can determine a range within which the Play states property will be triggered. The Play state of a given Timeline will only change when the incoming value changes, so it matches one of the values within the-determined range.

To control Cues you should open the Cue list window. There you can choose with which Channel and value the Cue will trigger.

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