Cluster Management

In LightAct, multi-server environments are organized in clusters.

In practice, a multi-server cluster is a group of at least two machines connected to the same network and organized into the same cluster group.

Create a Cluster

Every LightNet machine must be a part of some cluster. Because of this, once you enable LightNet feature, your machine is automatically added to a default cluster. Consequently, when you click Scan network, all machines in the network will be grouped together in that same default cluster, including your local machine.

To place a machine in another cluster, you must first create it. You can do so by clicking on the three-line icon of the machine you would like to move. Next, change its Cluster ID.

Once you press Enter, a new section called Other clusters will appear. A new cluster with the Cluster ID you chose will appear, containing the machine you wanted to move.

Manage a Cluster

You can move a machine from one cluster to another in two ways:

  1. By changing its Cluster ID to the Cluster ID you want to move it to,

  2. By clicking and dragging its three-line icon to the desired cluster.

Delete a Cluster

A cluster is deleted once the last machine with that Cluster ID:

  1. changes its Cluster ID to something else,

  2. gets deleted by clicking on the machine's Trash icon.

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