Thrower Properties

First, let's place a Perspective thrower by choosing it from the menu on the left. If we hold down a number key (1-4) we skip the resolution popup menu and a thrower will automatically get created in the viewport.

We can access the Properties window by clicking on a thrower in the viewport.

General Properties

In the General tab, we can manually position or resize a thrower with the Position, Rotate and Size options.

We can also move or rotate it by dragging by its gizmo (shortcuts R and T)

Under Content tab we can change the thrower's resolution, which is helpful when we are dealing with different sizes of video files.

Content Mapping

In the Sources tab we can assign a thrower to a canvas. We can also assign it to a canvas by simply dragging it from the Canvas Preview window onto our thrower. We have separate chapters on how to create a canvas and a video screen.


We can adjust the thrower's FOV in the Frustum tab. FOV (Field of view) changes the thrower's frustum size, which has the same effect as moving a thrower further or closer to the object.

Throw ratio determines the size of horizontal and vertical ratio together.

Vert Shift changes the vertical shift of the projected image and the Hor shift changes the horizontal one.

Thrower Setup

To open the Thrower Setup window you can either right-click on it to reveal its menu and select Setup, or simply double-click on the Thrower object.

Everything in this window will be applied to the content which the thrower is outputting for the entirety of the project. You can also add more nodes to the setup by right-clicking somewhere in the window and selecting the desired nodes from the Search menu.

In the next chapters, we will learn how to use all three types of throwers in LightAct.

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