Pushing Content out of LightAct

How to push your content out of LightAct either as a video, DMX or one of texture sharing protocols.

There are 3 different ways content can get pushed out of LightAct:

  1. through one of the outputs on the GPU,

  2. as a DMX signal using Art-Net or sACN or

  3. through one of Device Sender nodes.

Pushing content out of GPU outputs

This is probably the most common way of getting content out of LightAct. In Video output window you can map your virtual video screens, projectors, 3D models and also canvases or throwers onto the physical outputs on your GPU. You can also scale, rotate or remap the textures before they are pushed out.

Streaming DMX

LightAct supports Art-Net and sACN as network-based DMX data streaming protocols. In DMX Out window, you can find Art-Net or sACN nodes and see the data as it's being streamed out to them.

Using Device Senders

You can also send out content with various Sender nodes in Devices window in combination with Set Texture node in a Layer Layouts.

Current (as of LightAct 4 Early Access 3) Senders include:

  • NDI Sender

  • Spout Sender

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