Asset Distribution

Big projects often contain big asset files that can even reach terabytes. For this reason, transferring all files across all machines can be very time consuming. To address this issue, LightAct has implemented an asset distribution system.

Basic asset distribution

Open the Assets window and select an asset. On click, its Properties will appear on the bottom of the window.

In the General section, depending on what type of an asset you have chosen, you can find useful information such as file size, frame rate, bit rate, source filename, source file path etc.

In the Run on section, you will notice a list of machines as seen in your LightNet list. By selecting Everywhere, you are choosing to transfer that specific asset to all of the machines in your cluster. By selecting a specific machine, you are choosing to transfer the asset solely to that machine.

Good to know: 3D Models and Libraries are always transferred across all machines within the LightNet cluster.

Advanced asset distribution

Good to know: Advanced asset distribution is only useful to you if you have conducted a basic asset distribution first.

On the bottom left corner of the Assets window, you will notice an icon called Refresh RunOn Lists. Clicking on this icon will refresh the Asset Distribution Lists by additionally taking the Layer Distribution into account. This prevents overlooking to transfer the intended assets to the intended machines.

For example, if you have chosen for Layer 1 to run on Machine 1, then all the assets used in Layer 1 will be transferred to Machine 1. Of course, these assets will also be transferred to the machines you have chosen in the basic asset distribution.

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