Top Bar

LightAct's Top Bar is populated with a lot of useful information regarding your machines' and projects' state.

In this chapter, we will go over a few of the options it offers.

Master Fade

Master Fade property controls the opacity of Content being sent to any of the Video Outputs. Adjusting this property will impact the Opacity of any Content mapped to any Video Output.

Master Volume

Master Volume is a feature that influences the audio level of all the audio outputs. When you modify the Master Volume property, it will alter the volume of every audio component connected to any output, ensuring that the changes are uniformly applied across all audio outputs.


Master Control, or CTRL, is a powerful feature designed to secure the entire user interface of the program.

Lock UI

Once activated, Lock UI locks all program functionalities and access until the correct password is entered.

To enable this feature, click on the CTRL button and choose Lock UI.

Upon clicking, a Lock the UI pop-up will appear, populated with the default lock password chosen in the Preferences Window, under the General tab.

Once you click Lock button, the UI will be locked.

To unlock it, you could either type the correct password, as entered in the Lock the UI pop-up, or you can press Ctrl + Shift + L.

This security measure ensures that unauthorized users cannot interact with or make any changes to the program's settings, configurations, or content until the correct password is provided.

Lock Cursor to App

When enabled, Lock cursor to app keeps the cursor confined to the application window, making sure it does not exceed the boundaries of LightAct's GUI.

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