DMX Out window is a window where you can see DMX Data in a table and send these values to the network. This window also shows DMX nodes on the network. These nodes will be used as the final endpoints to which DMX Data will be sent. It is also possible to send Art-Net timecode.
In the upper section, under the Nodes header, you can either add a DMX node by clicking Add manual and customize its parameters or you can click Scan ArtNet nodes, and nodes that support Art-Net protocol will be listed in a table after 10 seconds timeout has passed.
These nodes represent the final endpoints to which DMX Data will be sent.
The table below nodes shows 512 channels values, which is 1 universe. It is also possible to show data in other universes. You can select the universe in the Universe integer input widget. LightAct supports up to 65,536 universes.
In order to fill this table with data, you will need to create one or multiple fixture objects in the Viewport window and map a texture to it, so in the next chapter, we will see how to do that.