Playing Video

As with all other asset types, their playback is happening in a layer. The main node taking care of video playback is called Play Video Or Image Sequence.

Good to know: This node will most likely get upgraded with additional inputs and options.

While creating a blank layer and inserting all the nodes from scratch is certainly an option, LightAct provides 2 shortcuts that make this process much easier:

  1. Using a Video Layer template,

  2. Dragging a video asset onto the Timeline track.

Using a video layer template

Layer templates are a very powerful tool to speed up your workflow. LightAct is shipped with a number of layer templates and video layer template is one of them.

In order to insert it:

  • simply hold ‘v’ and left click on the Timeline track

  • Right click on the Timeline track and select it in the popup menu.

In the properties of the layer, you can set all the variables available in this layer such as determine the canvas, the video asset, looping behaviour and so on. To add or remove these variables, simply double click on the layer to open its layout.

Dragging a video asset onto a Timeline track

The quickest way to play a video file is to simply drag the video file into LightAct’s window and then to simply drag this video asset onto the Timeline track.

Files must be stored locally in order for the playback to work as intended.

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