Layer Distribution

Since layers in LightAct are completely customizable, they can be programmed to execute very light actions or very heavy actions. Whatever the case, not all layers perform actions that will effect all machines.

For example, if a Video Layer is playing a video which will only be outputted on Machine 1, there is no need for other machines within the cluster to be rendering that video in their Video layers as well.

Run on property

If LightNet is enabled, on the right hand side of the Layer Layout window, a Run on section will appear. Each layer has it's own Run on property.

By default, the Everywhere checkbox will be enabled. With these settings, you are choosing to run the layer on all of the machines in your cluster.

By selecting a specific machine, you are choosing to run the layer solely on that machine and are consequently distributing the workload of the layer to that machine only.

If you have chosen to run the layer on machines other than the one you are operating on, you will notice that when the playhead is moving across the layer on that machine, the lifeline within it will still blink. However, the content in it will not be rendered.

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