This section outlines the essential steps for receiving video through RealSense.

Receiving RealSense

Setup in Devices window

To insert a device node, right-click on the Devices window and select RealSense Receiver under the Content I/O -> RealSense collapsible.

After selecting the device node, a set of node properties will appear on the right side of the Devices window.

Under the Stream collapsible, you will see a list of all the RealSense cameras connected to your machine. To choose the specific camera you want to receive a stream from, simply click on it.

In the Camera settings collapsible you can modify the settings of your incoming depth camera stream such as the resolution and frame rate.

Good to know: The properties under the Colonizer section can be adjusted even after you start receiving the stream.

Finally, click on the Receive checkbox of the RealSense camera receiver node.

Setup in Layer Layouts

To visualize the RealSense texture received in the Devices window, insert a Read RealSense node and select the correct Realsense camera receiver device in the Input pin of the Read RealSense node.

Once the node has an active connection, you will be able to see the texture provided by the RealSense camera in the Layer Layouts, as well.

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