UV Mapping of 3D Models

UV unwrapping of 3D models can have significant impact on behaviour, possibilities and performance of your LightAct projects.

Optimizing UV Map

A general goal should be to use as much of the UV map as possible. Doing otherwise will have detrimental effect on VRAM usage.

The examples below show the correct and incorrect usage:

Overlapping Areas

In most cases, you will want to achieve no overlapping areas of the UV map. In blender this can usually be achieved by Smart UV Project function.

Exceptions may include surface which will always use the same content, such as wheels of a car.

Checking Everything

It is a good practice to check if your UV map is correct inside Blender by applying a grid to your 3D model.

Good to know: you can export the image above by using a Color Grid node and right-clicking on its output pin

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