Find Blobs

Find Blobs is useful in finding all groups of connected pixels, or blobs, in an Image. This node expects a CV input.

Input pins

  • Input: incoming CV Mat with 1, 3, or 4 channels,

  • Filter by threshold: enforces a Threshold value on the input which is between the Min threshold and Max threshold values.

  • Filter by area: filters the Output, so that the detected blobs are between the Min area and Max area.

  • Min distance: the minimum distance between Blobs. If the distance between two blobs is smaller than the chosen value, then those two separate blobs will be combined into one.

  • Max track count: maximum amount of Blobs in Output.

Output pins

  • Relative X, Y, area: relative coordinates of the blobs formatted as such: x position/image width, y position/image height, area = area of blob/area image.

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