Timelines Window

Timelines window with one timeline highlighted
In the Timelines window, we can insert and organize Sequences in Timelines.

Timeline Management

Add or remove Timelines

You can add or remove a Timeline by clicking on the + or - buttons at the bottom left corner of the Timelines window.
Good to know: The Timelines Window can host up to 64 Timelines per project. The Main timeline cannot be removed.

Timeline settings

Each Timeline in the Timelines window has its own settings. You can find them by clicking on the on settings icon on the left of each Timeline.
  • Fade in represents the fade in time once the user hits play on the specific Timeline.
  • Fade out value is the fade out time after the user hits stop on the Timeline. After this time has passed, that Timeline will stop playing.
  • On open determines the Timeline's state upon opening the project.
  • Timecode offset refers to the time which will be added to or subtracted from the incoming timecode.

Timeline syncing

In LightAct, you can sync a Timeline to any timecode provider such as Art-Net timecode, MIDI receiver, LTC via audio input and so on. You even can even sync it to another Timeline. To do so, click on the Timelines dedicated sync dropdown menu and choose one of the options.
Good to know: Depending on the status of the incoming timecode information, the Timeline timecode will be displayed in a grey, green, yellow or red color.

End of timeline

A Timeline ends when the last Sequence placed in that Timeline ends. You can decide what happens at the end of each Timeline by toggling between two different modes:
  • Loop at the end plays the Timeline until the end of all Sequences and then loops.
  • Stop at the end plays the Timeline until the end of all Sequences and then stops.

Sequence Management

Creating Sequences

In the Timelines window, you can create a Sequence in two different ways. The first way is to double click on the desired place of the Timeline.
The second way is to right-click on the Timeline and select Create sequence here.

Sequence menu

Each Sequence has its own menu which you can access by right clicking on a specific Sequence.
Through the Sequence menu you can:
  • move the Sequence from one Timeline to another,
  • duplicate the Sequence,
  • delete the Sequence.