Sequence Window

Sequence window with one track highlighted
In the Sequence window, we can insert and organize layers into tracks, play them back and much more.

Track Management

To adjust the number of tracks in a sequence, use the controls in the bottom left corner of the window.
We can expand a layer by clicking on the expand arrow on the left. This enables us to see a live preview of a selected layer.
The preview only appears if there is at least one active Render to canvas node in the layer.
We can disable, disable all others or lock individual tracks with 3 icons next to the Expand icon.
  • Disable a track, by clicking on Disable icon. Click it again to enable it.
  • If you want to disable all other layers, click on Disable all others icon.
  • Lock a track by pressing the Lock icon. You won't be able to move or manipulate it afterward.

Sequence Management

You can switch between existing sequences in three different ways:
  • by double clicking on the Sequence from the Sequences list in the Sequence window,
  • by clicking on the settings icon under the Sequences list in the Sequence window,
  • by double clicking on the Sequence in the Timelines window.
Good to know: On the bottom right of the Sequence Window, there are two opacity values, one indicating Fade and the other indicating Volume.