A new layer can be inserted in a Sequence track in one of two different forms:
  • as a blank layer,
  • as an instance from a Layer Template.

Blank Layers

You can create a Blank layer in several ways:
  • by double-clicking on the sequence,
  • by shortcut (pressing L and left-clicking), or
  • by right-clicking on the sequence and choosing it from a popup menu.

Layers from Templates

In LightAct, there are two types of Layer Templates:
  1. 1.
    Stock Layer templates, which are provided with the software upon download, and
  2. 2.
    User Layer Templates, which you can create on your own, as per the instructions.
There are three ways to insert any Layer Template into a Sequence track:
  • by right-clicking on a sequence track and choosing it from the menu,
  • by using its dedicated shortcut and left-clicking on a sequence track, or
  • by dragging from an Asset icon onto a sequence track.

Insert Layer from Menu

To insert a layer using the menu, right-click somewhere on a Sequence track. Hover on one of the Layer Template entries, such as Basic content, and choose one of the Layer Templates from the popup menu.
After clicking on one of the Templates, a Layer will be inserted on the Sequence track.

Insert Layer with Shortcut

To insert a layer using a shortcut, press the shortcut of your desired Layer Template, and then left-click somewhere on a Sequence track.
Good to know: These shortcuts can be found in the right-click menu of the Sequence tracks, on the right of the name of each Layer Template.
For example, if you would like to insert a Color grid Template, you could press the C key and left-click on a Sequence track.

Insert Layer by dragging from Asset

Another way to insert a Layer Template on the Timeline is by dragging from an Asset's icon into a Sequence track.
Upon releasing the drag, a menu with all available Templates for that specific asset will appear.