Layers and Markers

Blank Layers and Layers from Templates

A Layer in LightAct is a very flexible concept. It can do many different things. Rendering video or playing sound is just one of them. Each layer template does a different thing.
You can create a Blank layer in several ways:
  • by double-clicking on the sequence,
  • by shortcut (pressing L and left clicking) or
  • by right-clicking on the sequence and choosing it from a popup menu.

Layers from Templates

You can also choose between many Stock layer templates from the popup menu. For quicker workflow, you can use corresponding shortcuts and left-click on the sequence.


Markers can be useful for marking specific locations on a sequence. Create one by pressing M and left-clicking on the desired location or by accessing it from the popup menu.
You can jump between markers using the buttons at the bottom of the window or with Go to marker nodes. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl + . to jump to the next marker or Ctrl + , to jump to the previous one.