Timeline Window

In the Timeline window, we can insert and organize Layers into tracks, play them back, and much more.

Good to know: On the bottom right of the Timeline Window, there are two opacity values, one indicating Fade and the other indicating Volume.

Timeline Management

You can switch between existing Timelines in three different ways:

  • by clicking them from the Timelines list on the left side of the Timeline window,

  • by clicking on them in the Timelines window,

  • by clicking on their Sections in the Timelines window.

Good to know: You can hide the Timelines list by left-clicking the bottom left icon in the Timeline window and disabling Show timeline list box checkbox.

Track Management

Each Timeline consists of tracks where we can place Layers.

Add or Delete Tracks

To adjust the number of tracks in a Timeline, use the controls in the bottom left corner of the window.

Track Options

There are a few track options:

  • Track height enables you to see a live preview of the texture rendered by the active layer in the track.

The preview only appears if there is at least one active Render texture node in the layer.

  • Disable icon stops all layers in the track from executing, even if an active playhead is overlapping them,

  • Solo icon disables all layers from all other tracks, so they stop executing, and

  • Lock prevents you from moving or manipulating all layers in the chosen track.

Rearrange Tracks

Similar to how you can rearrange Timelines in the Timelines Window, you can also rearrange Tracks in the Timeline Window.

To rearrange a Timeline Track, drag it to the desired position using the arrow.

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