Different variables can hold different types of information.

Almost every connection type has a corresponding variable represented by the same color.

Layer Types

In LightAct, variables can be split into two different categories:

  • Layer variables and

  • Global variables.

Good to know: use layer variables to adjust values inside one layer and global variables to transfer data between layers.

Layer Variables

Layer variables can be found under the Layer variables collapsible of the Layer properties.

By default, each layer has a few predetermined Layer variables, that define the characteristics of the layer itself. Layer variables that define the layer are special and cannot be deleted.

Layer variables collapsible appears in the Properties window, once a layer has been selected.

or in the Layer Layout window, once we double-click on a layer container.

Global Variables

We can access Global variables collapsible only from the Layer Layout window. They are useful when we want to transfer variable values across multiple layers.

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