Texture LUT node applies a LUT, also known as Look Up Table, to an image. This node is useful for enhancing the color or contrast of an incoming texture.


To use the node, you first have to insert it in the Layer Layouts. You can find it in the dedicated Search bar, under Utilities -> Texture collapsible.

Give the Texture Lut node a Texture input and connect it to an active lifeline.

To use apply a pre-existing LUT to the chosen Texture input, select the Texture Lut node and navigate to its Node properties, on the right-hand side of the Layer Layouts window. Under the Node properties collapsible, write the file path of the desired LUT, or click on the three dots and locate it in your File Explorer.

Finally, click Generate LUT button to see the results.

Good to know: LightAct supports *.3dl and *.cube file types, as well as a Texture as a LUT input.

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