Every node has inputs on the left side and outputs on the right side.

There are 2 types of nodes: action nodes and basic nodes.

Action nodes

They have at least one lifeline (lime color) square pin input or output.

There are 3 special action nodes in every layer. They are inserted by default.

  • Tick node executes every frame as long as the transport (the green vertical line in the Timeline indicating where in the Section you are) is on the layer.

  • On Begin executes only once when this layer first become active. Usually this happens when the playhead touches the left side of the layer.

  • On End is similar to On begin, except that it executes at the end of the layer.

Basic nodes

They have no square lime Lifeline pin inputs or outputs.

Node controls


Some nodes also contain a Preview option. Toggle it on or off with a Preview icon.


Bypass icon causes the node to not execute at all.

Good to know: Bypass is useful, especially with various texture processing nodes.

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