User Layer Templates

In LightAct, you can create your own custom Layer Templates.

Any layer can be transformed into a Template, by right-clicking on it and selecting Template -> Create from layer.

Once you give your template name and click on Create button, you will be able to see it in the Timeline track's right-click menu, under User templates.

Good to know: For a User Layer Template to appear as a suggestion in the Asset suggestion menu, it should contain at least one of the following keywords: Video, Image, Audio, or Notch in its name.

User Template Management

To manage your custom templates, go to Edit -> Preferences Window and expand the Files tab by clicking on it.

On the left-hand side of the Layer Templates section, all of your custom-created templates should be listed. Here, you can Duplicate, Rename, or Delete a selected Template. On top of that, you can also assign your own shortcuts, for their faster placement on the Timeline tracks.

Good to know: Anytime you add or delete a template, the change should be visible upon clicking the Refresh list button.

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