Layer Properties

Every layer has some properties which determine its behavior.

You can modify and adjust them in 2 different ways:

  • clicking on a layer will cause its properties to appear in the Properties window,

  • double-clicking on a layer will give you access to the Layer Properties from the Layer Layout window.


In Layer Properties, you can modify the values of existing variables or add additional ones. You can learn more about this in the Variables section.

Variable Groups

Some of the variable groups in the Layer Properties window are the same in every layer. These include General and DMX groups.

The Custom group has an option to add variables to it by clicking on the + icon.

Good to know: if you click on the name of the variable group, you can rename it.

A Video Layer contains a Media group, where you can select an imported video.

Good to know: You can use our stock templates or create your own. Templates you create yourself can be saved as custom templates.

Master controls

Each layer has its own Master fade and Master volume which range between values 0 and 1.

Good to know: When the Layer is active and the Track is expanded, two opacity values will appear beneath the Layer name, with one indicating the Fade and the other indicating the Volume.

Layer Notes

You can add custom notes to every layer by first checking the Notes checkbox and then writing into the text box.

When you write a note, a * symbol will appear next to the Layer name. If you hover over a layer with a mouse, the note will show up.

Layer Menu

Layers also have a right-click menu. In it, you can execute useful actions such as disabling or locking the specific layer.

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