Layer Template Editor

One of the new features in LightAct 4 is a Layer Template editor. It alows users to save their very own layer templates, edit them and use them in other projects.
Good to know: all templates are available in every LightAct project.
You can save a template by right clicking on a Layer -> Templates -> Create new
Name it however you want and click Create.
A Template Editor will automatically open up and present you with your saved template. You can also open it yourself either from the Window or by pressing F8.
It looks very similar to a standard Layer Layout, but with some additional buttons on the right.
Good to know: All template files are saved in C:\ProgramData\Lightact\LightAct4\templates folder.
There are 2 types of templates
  • Stock templates: these templates are part of LightAct installation and include the most common functionalities such as: video playback, Notch playback, color grid, solid color and so on.
  • User templates: are the templates you create. They are available in every LightAct project.
Try not to modify stock templates as your change will get lost once you upgrade LightAct with a new version. Instead duplicate it and save it as a User template.

Template Shortcuts

You can assign your new template a shortcut key by choosing it from the menu and clicking save.
Now hold down a selected number and left click on the timeline to create a new layer based on the template you created.